Vinyasa Yoga
Foot Muscles Model
Vasculature of the Heart
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The cell as the foundation of our bodies
The connection between
cellular respiration, pranayama and the earth's breathing
The relationship between the
circulatory system, lymph system, and the connective tissue (fascial) matrix. The role of movement in maintaining the health of these systems.
digestive system and how yoga can improve digestion
The nervous and endocrine systems, the stress response and how yoga supports a
healthy stress response
Polyvagal theory and how yoga improves vagal tone

I have had many teachers, and I would rank her among the top.

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Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga

What you'll learn

Kat Eggers holds a degree in cellular and molecular biology. She combines her detailed understanding of human physiology with 20 years of practicing and teaching yoga to bring you this enriching course. 8 CEU's available through Yoga Alliance.

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5 Lecture Videos

1 Example Class

1 one hour private Zoom session with the instructor for discussion and questions

8 YACEP certified CEU's




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