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Anwar Bolshakov
Anwar Bolshakov

Pa Soft 1.4 Software High Quality

definitely well worth it. I played around with various other scanners/softwares and this one was the easiest to use and fixed my issues. definitely money well spent as a standard tool for these cars. wished I would not have waited to buy it sooner

Pa Soft 1.4 Software

Happy with the capability for the price(also it comes with the cable to connect to laptop). Set aside some time and read directions for proper set up of tool/ software. Works great and was able to install a used LCM with no problems/ faults/lights on after.

Problem:"I have install the 1.4.0 Scanner for BMW software and connect with vehicle via USB cable, when i open the pasoft software, it displayed an error message "Hardware Faulty"". What's the problem? The interface is damaged?" 076b4e4f54


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