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Brutal Tgirl

Author note: Probably should have added, some of these scenes get intense and brutal. If you're not keen on domination then I would definitely give this one a miss!.....contains shemale on male and futa-ish scenes. I haven't found someone to edit this one yet so I apologise for any grammatical errors. Apart from that, enjoy the show.....

brutal tgirl

Jake's face began to turn red from the force of Tanya's brutal grip and snogging, and when she finally released him, he gasped in relief, head back as he gulped down air whilst Sarah watched. Tanya looked over to see her friend naked and had to stifle a laugh owing to the fact that Jake was utterly unaware of her nakedness, or Sarah's rather large surprise in full view.

Jake was unable to think too clearly with 9 inches of cock in him, but Sarah's face had changed to a look of wickedness and she put her hands either side of his face, sliding her cock without warning all the way down his throat to hold him against her, his nose tickled by her pubes. His throat squeezed her as he tried not to gag, spit lathering her shaft which had Sarah breathless with lust. At the same time Tanya brutally drove all the way into Jake from behind, her pelvis pressing against his tailbone causing him to gasp as Tanya's 13 inches of steel cock flexed inside him. 041b061a72


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