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Download Town Of Us and Discover New Ways to Play Among Us

To install the Town of Us mod in the Epic Games version of Among us, you have to follow a very specific set of steps. You will have to download some things, carefully replace files; all in all, follow the list of instructions below to the letter. If you do, the process should work like a dream. Here we go!

town of us among us download

1. Create a new folder on Desktop, called Town of Us.This can be created anywhere and be named anything, as long as this folder is easy to locate.2. Open Steam, go to Library and locate Among Us. Right click on it, select Properties.... Then, under Local Files, click on Browse....This opens the folder containing the Among Us application.3. Delete everything in the currently opened folder.Don't worry, this will not delete the game. This simply verifies the Among Us folder being entirely clean.4. On Steam, locate Among Us once again. Right click on it, select Properties.... Now, under Local Files, click on Verify integrity of game files....This restores all of the game files as a fresh installation.5. Copy all of the files from the Among Us folder to the newly created folder.6. Download the Town of Us version corresponding to the installed Among Us version.7. Locate the downloaded .zip file, and move it to the Town of Us folder.Usually, this can be found in the Downloads folder.8. Right click on the .zip file, and click on 7-Zip. Then choose Extract Here.Something different might appear depending on the file manager being used. Make sure the folder gets extracted in the Town of Us folder, in the same location as the Among Us application. It should look similar to the picture below.9. Launch the Among Us application that's inside, and start playing Town of Us!A first launch may take up to 5 minutes, so be patient if it doesn't launch immediately.

You'll need to download the latest version of CrewLink from GitHub. To do that, go to the "Installation Instructions" section of the mod page and click "releases." The latest version will appear at the top of the page. Then, under "Assets," click the first link (it should be a .exe file) and the download will begin.

For a very long time, Among Us there were only two classic roles. Depending on your luck, you would inherit the role of crewmate or impostor. But those days are over and with the help of the community, the little astronauts have a bunch ofExtra Roles Among Us that give them a multitude of powers. With alternative Mods developed by enthusiasts, parties are full of even more twists and turns. But the new roles aren't just for show, they also add new strategic possibilities. In this guide to Mods Among Us, we'll explain what these versions are and how to download the ones you like for free! For even more fun, we also recommend spicing up your games with the CREWLINK proximity chat. Mods are compatible and benefit greatly from increased communication between players in the game.

To play with friends, it is necessary that your whole group has downloaded the same version. It's up to you to convince your fellow players to try this mod full of exoticism and surprises. If they are afraid of the unknown, it is always possible to find game partners on the various Discord servers dedicated to Among Us.

For the purists, too many new roles at once can kill the fun. That's why you also have the option of introducing a single power. This is a good way to get familiar with a fun role before mixing everything up. Just follow exactly the same procedure as for installing Among Us Extra Roles. However, you will need to download other :

All of the mods mentioned in the list above can be downloaded via the official Curse Forge Website. Here's a guide on downloading and installing all of the mods mentioned above, plus any other Among Us mods.

  • Amid suspicion and deception, you have to find the liar among your ranks and save your village. You can have up to 16 players in a multiplayer game which is great. Apart from that, there are multiple villages and teams in a single game.The last standing team that has ejected all the traitors wins the round. Simply put, if you want to taste survival, deathmatch, and lastly, deception then Werewolf Online is among the best alternatives to Among Us on Android and iOS.ProsGather resources and defend your village

  • 16-player game

  • Survival and deception

  • Good graphics


  • The game is pretty fast-paced and throws you into the mix of both being a good guy and a traitor. The game is set in a medieval village of Gallowston where werewolves are wreaking havoc. You along with your teammates are transported to the medieval age to save the townsfolk.In one game, you can be a villager trying to save innocent people, but on the other, you can become a turncoat. The trick is to find that hidden werewolf and eliminate the player to win the game. Simply put, Werewolves Within is a solid social deduction game like Among Us and if you love playing VR games on PS4 then this is an apt game for you.ProsBest Among Us alternative for PS4

  • VR game

  • Set in a medieval village

  • Find the werewolf and save your village


Download: Steam (Free)11. Triple AgentSo you love the deceptive tactics on Among Us? Well, to have a similar experience, you can play Triple Agent on your Android or iOS device. The game is full of bluffing, hidden identifies, betrayal, and social deduction. The best part about this game is that it can be played on just one device and can include up to 9 players. Each gaming session is 10 minutes long where players are assigned hidden roles.One can be a Service agent or a Virus double agent. While entering your choice, you need to sow doubt among the players and reveal suspicious information to conceal your identity. At the end of the game, each player vote and find out the traitor. While the game may not be as exciting as Among Us, it does bring the elements of deception and deduction. I would say, just go ahead and give it a try.Pros

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There was a big boom of Among Us right after the Pub G era. Still many players play it and more are coming towards this game. The best part is that USP of this game is simple. But it is quite competitive and everyone gets a chance to become the detective in the game. There is also an imposter in the game that hides its identity. The Among Us has a Town of Us Mod and you can download it as well.

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