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Grayson Bailey

Genshin Impact APK for Chromebook: Tips and Tricks to Boost Performance

I had to change to the Dev channel, as well as the development mode. But this worked, and I have sideloaded some apks successfully.Now if I go back to the stable channel, and the chromebook will powerwash, and reinstall everything. I wanted to know if it will reinstall the sideloaded apps also or not?thanks

I got Edge to work. You need to find the APK built for X86 Architecture.I now Have Edge on a chromebook and it is Managed by MAM. the best part is it accepts all my Config policies and can get past conditional Access.

genshin impact apk chromebook

I was trying to enable ADB debugging on a secondary account on my pixel book. My chrome OS version is 88 and stable channel. What I had to do was to go into the primary or the first account that I set up on the chromebook and install the Linux Beta container on it and then enable ADB debugging for this account.


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