Winter Self Care Kit

In winter the earth's life force flows inward and settles. When we are in harmony with this seasonal shift, we settle into quiet along with the earth. It's important to follow this settling, because each season is in balance with the others. If we resist the natural flow of each season, we become dissonant and out of step with the natural world, and with the cosmos.


That's why I created this Winter Self Care Kit, to share what I've learned about harmonizing with the seasons. When we bring intention to the practice of harmonizing with the earth's life force, we feel a deep sense of connectedness, we strengthen our inner voice and we gain in wisdom.


Included in the Self Care Kit for Winter:

  • 1 full length gentle yoga video for entering into the heart of wonder
  • 1 full length restorative yoga video for being in loving presence with yourself
  • 1 full length Slow Flow yoga video for cultivating heat and strength
  • a guided soft awareness meditation for feeling supported and loved
  • winter recipes, nutrition, and herbal medicine for wintertime
  • nourishing mindfulness practices for harmonizing with the season


All practices guided and taught byKatherine Eggers E-RYT 200

Winter Self Care Kit

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