What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that assists in supporting lasting changes in the connective tissues of the body.  By taking a holistic view of the dynamic systems of tension and compression in the body, you and I work as a team to help relieve chronic pain or tension and correct postural imbalances.  I believe that working with the whole person supports the body's innate capacity to heal, and I recognize the importance of holding safe space for the heart and soul to transform alongside the body.  Structural Integration is for those wanting to feel more aligned in their body, those suffering from chronic pain, or recovering from injuries, as well as for athletes looking to enhance performance.

Gabe Eggers LMT

Galen Eggers, or "Gabe" to most, is a Colorado native who grew up climbing mountains, skiing the backcountry, finding the edges of ability and potential of the human body.  He believes we are all here to find our unique gifts and to offer them in service to our communities.  

Gabe is certified in Structural Integration.  Working out of Dolores, he hopes to assist those looking for support in changing old patterns of discomfort in their bodies.  From previous careers of wilderness guiding, Organic Farming and agricultural education, Gabe brings years of experience in leadership, intuition, and heart-centering practices to his bodywork.  His passion for anatomy, service, and spiritual development help him to maintain a commitment to personal growth and learning how to facilitate the experience of others.   


Gabe hopes to facilitate you discovering your best self by inviting good space and lasting ease in the body.  Have more questions? Contact Gabe

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