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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu



Sukha is Sanskrit for "lasting ease" or "good space." Soma is a Greek word meaning body, and is used in the field of somatics to refer to a person's felt-sense of Self.  Unique to each and every body's experience, our Soma is the woven network of sensory information.  Through Structural Integration and movement education, Sukha Soma invites good space and lasting ease into body, heart and soul.


Our Mission

Our hope in offering our services is for you to embody the best version of yourself. The traditions of yoga, qigong, psychology, somatics and structural integration (SI) call it integration. When we are fully integrated human beings, each moment feels complete as it is. Nothing needs to be added or taken away and life flows naturally. Our life purpose (dharma) unfolds with inspiration and clarity. We discover a deep knowing of our place in the universe. Working with Gabe and Katherine Eggers you'll get this multifaceted approach to integrate body with mind with spirit. 

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