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Wallpaper Engine

If pairing does not work for you, see the Backup Solution section at the bottom of this page to learn how to create mobile wallpaper packages (.mpkg) and how to import them on your mobile device.

Wallpaper Engine

You can now simply click on the Send to Mobile Device button on the right-hand side or right-click on any compatible wallpaper and select Send to Mobile Device, followed by selecting your device from the list.

Dynamic and interactive wallpapers that are of the Scene type will first be optimized for use on mobile phones and to ensure compatibility with mobile hardware. This process may take a short while. You will also be asked which quality option you would like to use, especially for high-resolution wallpapers, we recommend trying the Balanced option if you notice performance issues on your mobile device.

Wallpaper Engine is an application for Windows with a companion app on Android[3] which allows users to use and create animated and interactive wallpapers, similar to the defunct Windows DreamScene. Wallpapers are shared through the Steam Workshop functionality as user-created downloadable content. It features its own rendering engine and provides a wallpaper editor, allowing for the creation of 2D and 3D wallpapers, including a particle system editor and a fork of JavaScript called SceneScript for additional wallpaper logic. It also supports using video files, audio files, web-pages and some 3D applications as wallpapers.[4]

You can use JavaScript[1] in Wallpaper Engine's Scene type wallpapers to manipulate properties, create/destroy layers and access the cursor or the audio response from the program. ECMAScript 2018 is supported and you can edit your scripts through the built-in Monaco editor from Microsoft.

After adding any kind of script to your wallpaper, a new button Run Scripts will pop up in the center of the toolbar that will reload the wallpaper and start the scripts. After you're done, you can stop scripts with the same button.

? Pro tip: If your script runs too slowly and the program would become unresponsive, it will be aborted and all scripts of your wallpaper will become disabled. Make sure your script keeps the program responsive to avoid being disabled.

There is access to JavaScript's native functions and features, like the Math [2] object, and scene wallpapers come with a set of custom interfaces and events that provide control and access to Wallpaper Engine. You can learn about these custom extensions in the lists below.

But scene wallpapers are not websites like web wallpapers are, so you will not have access to any DOM specific objects. If you really wanted to work with DOM, then you should create a web wallpaper instead of a scene.

Are you tired of looking at the same wallpapers on your computer screen? If so, Wallpaper Engine might be just what you need. It allows you to use and create thousands of interesting wallpapers that you can also share with friends.

I'm trying to add a settings menu to let the user choose one of four backgrounds. I have everything working using SharedPreferences. The only problem is that the wallpaper does not update after the setting is changed in the settings menu. If you restart the app, the background will be updated with the last background selected, but it only works after the wallpaper is restarted (i.e., selecting a different wallpaper, and then reselecting this wallpaper).

I've narrowed the problem down to the fact that the value from the SharedPreference is only updated in the onCreateEngine() method. Once the wallpaper service is running, the onCreateEngine() method doesn't get called, so even though the value of the SharedPreference has been changed, it doesn't get updated in the wallpaper service.

My question is how do I restart the wallpaper so that the onCreateEngine() method gets called after a setting gets changed? Again, the SharedPreferences are working, since everything works after restart. I know I need to use the onsharedPreferenceChanged method, but I'm not sure where that should occur, or what code should be included in that method to restart the wallpaper engine.

Must be implemented to return a new instance of the wallpaper's engine. Note that multiple instances may be active at the same time, such as when the wallpaper is currently set as the active wallpaper and the user is in the wallpaper picker viewing a preview of it as well.

You've also got options to alter the playback speed, volume (if it also includes sound), and in some cases the theme colors of the wallpaper. Diving deeper into the settings you can tell Wallpaper Engine to change your Windows accent color with the wallpaper automatically and even change the frame rate. It'll go up to 60FPS, but you'll need better graphics hardware to make that happen without impacting performance.

But if you wade through the fluff there are a ton of amazing wallpapers in there. I've found an Everspace themed wallpaper that's running at the native 1440p resolution of my display with moving ships that shoot lasers and things. It's terrific.

Not all the wallpapers are as good, and some act like a movie and just abruptly end leaving you with nothing on the screen until they loop back round and start again. But for 4 bucks there's a lot of great stuff to choose from, and it's well worth a look to spice up your desktop.

Wallpaper Engine[1] is a Windows-based program with a companion app on Android that enables users to create and use animated wallpapers. These are shared via the Steam Workshop as user-created content. Wallpaper Engine has its own rendering engine, and provides options for 2D and 3D wallpapers, including particle system editing and SceneScripting for more wallpaper logic.

With the Wallpaper Engine you can literally bring your desktop to life. This software allows you to replace static desktop wallpapers with animated ones. Among the supported formats here are both 3D and 2D animations, as well as websites and video streams. Thanks to a wide range of settings, Wallpaper Engine can be configured both to work on a widescreen monitor and to work on two monitors. In any case, the task of this program is the same: to allow you to set the wallpaper on your Windows desktop.

The program includes over a dozen animated default wallpapers. If you wish, you can add your own animations to this collection, which you can download for free from the "live wallpapers" section. There you will find ready-made live wallpapers for your desktop from different users. Scenes and scripts can only be installed in "WE", and other wallpaper variants are easily installed using other applications.Wallpaper Engine is distributed exclusively on a paid basis and has no demo version. We recommend purchasing a copy from the following link on Steam - At the time of writing, the cost is only 249 rubles. The main and distinctive feature of the license: access to the studio, which contains more than 100 thousand wallpapers for every taste. The search is available right inside the program, and the wallpaper installation is done in one click from the Steam Workshop library. Change Log 2.2.6 041b061a72


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