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Kakegurui Twin Episode 2 __HOT__

Kakegurui Twin is a 2022 original net anime series based on the spin-off manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Kei Saiki. It serves as a prequel to the main Kakegurui series and premiered worldwide on Netflix on August 4, 2022, consisting of six episodes. The English dub of the series was produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

Kakegurui Twin Episode 2


Kakegurui Twin takes place one year before the events in the first episode of Kakegurui. It's a prequel series and a spin-off something that is not uncommon for anime fans to receive, that gives more insight as to who Mary is and why her personality was so vile in episode 1. After all, Mary was also the first person to ever oppose Yumeko at the academy and the first to be defeated by her.

Being a common theme with spin-offs, the introduction of Kakegurui twins is eerily similar to its pilot series Kakegurui. In the same way Yumeko joins the school and enters a gambling game to free her friend who was made into a housepet, Mary Satome does the same for her friend Tsuzura Hanatemari. However, from there we see the difference. The show keeps the same aesthetic and appeal of the original in the trailer, but Mary uses different tactics from Yumeko. While Yumeko, like other anime protagonist, won't stoop to dishonorable tactics, Mary is not above cheating and uses every advantage she can to win in these gambling games. We get that sense in the show as she develops a group of allies to assist her rise to power. Also interesting is how Tsuzura Hanatemari has yet to appear in the mainline series, leading us to believe she is no longer at the academy. The only mention of her is Mary clutching the hairpin that belonged to Tsuzura.

An outstanding series of gambling with money, hearts, strategies and loyalty, Kakegurui Twin is easily one of our favourite shows from the 2022 Summer slate: but with only six episodes, fans are quickly binging the entire first season.

This means that there is potentially enough source material for another three seasons of Kakegurui Twin. Couple this with the fact that both seasons of the main Kakegurui Twin series had 12 episodes each (Kakegurui Twin only had six), and all the signs are there that we will see Mary and co return for more high-stakes gambling.

Kakegurui Twin will officially air on Netflix on Thursday, August 4th, 2022. As most Netflix shows release all episodes at once, we can expect the same for Kakegurui Twin. There's no official word concerning the episode count of the series, and neither regarding its return with a second season. But as the new manga chapters are currently releasing, we can expect to hear about Season 2 soon.

The six-episode season of Kakegurui Twin dropped on Netflix on August 4th. The cast of the original Kakegurui seasons reprises their roles, with Minami Tanaka voicing Mary Saotome and Mariya Ise voicing Midari Ikishima (Reg from Made in Abyss). New castmates include:

The official Twitter of the live action Kakegurui franchise posted a key visual and 60-second trailer for its upcoming spinoff web drama Kakegurui Twin. The eight-episode series will be released on 26 March exclusively on Amazon Prime video. Two episodes will be streamed each week every Friday. 041b061a72


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