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Bewafa Se Wafa: The Ultimate Sacrifice of Friendship and Love - Blog

Bewafa Se Wafa 720p HD Movie: A Heart-Touching Bollywood Romance


If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that will make you cry, laugh, and feel all kinds of emotions, then you might want to watch Bewafa Se Wafa. This movie is a 1992 Hindi romantic drama film directed by Saawan Kumar Tak and starring Juhi Chawla, Vivek Mushran, Nagma, and Aruna Irani. It tells the story of two best friends, Rukhsar and Nagma, who share a bond of sisterhood and loyalty. However, their friendship is tested when they both fall in love with the same man, Aslam, who is Rukhsar's husband. The movie explores the themes of friendship, love, sacrifice, betrayal, and forgiveness in a heart-touching way.

Bewafa Se Wafa 720p hd movie


In this article, I will give you a detailed summary of the story of Bewafa Se Wafa, as well as a review of its positive and negative aspects. I will also share my personal opinion on the movie and whether I recommend it or not. If you are interested in watching Bewafa Se Wafa 720p HD movie online, you can find it on various streaming platforms such as YouTube, Hotstar, and Zee5. But before you do that, let me tell you more about this movie and why it is worth watching.

The Story of Bewafa Se Wafa

The Friendship Between Rukhsar and Nagma

The movie begins with the introduction of Rukhsar (Juhi Chawla) and Nagma (Nagma), who are childhood friends and neighbors. They belong to different religious backgrounds, but they do not let that affect their friendship. They are like sisters to each other and share everything with each other. They also have similar dreams of getting married to their prince charming and living happily ever after.

Rukhsar and Nagma support each other through their struggles and hardships. Rukhsar's father is a poor tailor who works hard to provide for his family. He is also very strict and conservative and does not allow Rukhsar to go out or mingle with boys. Nagma's father is a rich businessman who is very liberal and progressive. He loves his daughter and gives her all the freedom and luxuries she wants. However, he is also very busy and does not spend much time with her. He also has a second wife who does not like Nagma and treats her badly.

Rukhsar and Nagma also share their dreams and aspirations with each other. Rukhsar wants to become a doctor and help people in need. She also wants to marry a handsome and kind man who will love her unconditionally. Nagma wants to become a singer and perform on stage. She also wants to marry a rich and famous man who will make her happy.

The Marriage Between Rukhsar and Aslam

One day, Rukhsar's father arranges her marriage with Aslam (Vivek Mushran), who is the son of his friend. Aslam is a handsome and educated young man who works as an engineer in Dubai. He comes to India to meet Rukhsar and falls in love with her at first sight. He also impresses Rukhsar's father with his manners and personality.

Rukhsar is nervous about meeting Aslam, but she trusts her father's choice. She also asks Nagma to accompany her to meet him. When Rukhsar meets Aslam, she is pleasantly surprised by his looks and charm. She also feels a connection with him and agrees to marry him. Nagma is happy for her friend and wishes her all the best.

Rukhsar and Aslam get married in a grand ceremony and leave for Dubai. They have a happy marriage and love each other deeply. They also try to fulfill each other's dreams. Aslam supports Rukhsar's ambition of becoming a doctor and enrolls her in a medical college. Rukhsar encourages Aslam's passion for music and buys him a guitar.

However, they face one challenge in their marriage: they are unable to conceive a child. They consult many doctors but they do not find any solution. They are disappointed but they do not lose hope. They decide to adopt a child instead.

The Sacrifice of Nagma for Rukhsar's Happiness

Meanwhile, Nagma misses her friend Rukhsar very much. She also faces many problems in her life. Her father dies in an accident and leaves behind a huge debt. Her stepmother kicks her out of the house and takes away all her belongings. She has no one to support her or care for her.

She decides to go to Dubai to meet Rukhsar and ask for her help. She reaches Dubai but she does not know where Rukhsar lives or how to contact her. She wanders around the city looking for her friend.

One day, she meets Aslam on the road by chance. She recognizes him as Rukhsar 's husband and introduces herself as her friend. Aslam is surprised and happy to meet her. He invites her to his home and takes her to Rukhsar.

Rukhsar is overjoyed to see Nagma after a long time. She hugs her and welcomes her to her home. She also introduces her to Aslam and tells him that Nagma is her best friend and sister. She asks Nagma about her life and learns about her troubles. She feels sorry for her and offers to help her in any way she can.

Nagma is grateful to Rukhsar for her kindness and generosity. She also likes Aslam and finds him to be a good husband and a nice person. She decides to stay with them for a few days until she finds a job and a place to live.

During her stay, Nagma observes the love and happiness between Rukhsar and Aslam. She also notices their sadness and frustration over their inability to have a child. She feels sorry for them and wishes them well.

One day, Rukhsar comes up with an idea to solve their problem. She asks Nagma to marry Aslam as well and bear his children for her. She tells her that this is the only way she can repay her friendship and make her happy. She says that she will not mind sharing Aslam with her, as long as they have a family together.

Nagma is shocked and confused by Rukhsar's request. She does not want to marry Aslam or have his children. She does not want to betray her friend or hurt her feelings. She tries to refuse, but Rukhsar insists and pleads with her. She tells her that this is the only thing she wants in life and that she will die without it.

Nagma is torn between her loyalty and her conscience. She loves Rukhsar as a friend and sister, but she also respects Aslam as a husband and a brother. She does not know what to do or say.

Finally, she agrees to do as Rukhsar wishes, out of friendship and sacrifice. She tells Rukhsar that she will marry Aslam and bear his children for her, but only on one condition: that Rukhsar never finds out that she loves Aslam too.

The Twist in the Tale

Nagma marries Aslam in a simple ceremony, with Rukhsar's consent and blessing. Aslam is reluctant and unhappy about this arrangement, but he agrees to do it for Rukhsar's sake. He does not love Nagma or feel any attraction towards her. He only considers her as a friend and a sister-in-law.

Nagma moves into their home and lives with them as a second wife. She tries to fulfill her duty as a wife and a mother, but she also tries to keep a distance from Aslam. She does not want to interfere in his relationship with Rukhsar or cause any trouble between them.

However, things do not go as planned. Nagma becomes pregnant with Aslam's child, much to Rukhsar's delight and Aslam's dismay. Rukhsar treats Nagma's child as her own and showers him with love and affection. Aslam treats Nagma's child as a stranger and avoids him as much as he can.

Nagma gives birth to another child, a girl, after some time. The same pattern repeats itself: Rukhsar is overjoyed, Aslam is indifferent, and Nagma is miserable.

Nagma suffers from the pain of unrequited love for Aslam. She loves him more than anything in the world, but he does not love her back. He does not care for her or appreciate her sacrifices for him and Rukhsar. He only loves Rukhsar and ignores Nagma.

Nagma also suffers from the guilt of betraying Rukhsar's trust and friendship. She feels ashamed of herself for loving Aslam behind Rukhsar's back. She feels like she has cheated on her friend and sister.

Nagma copes with her feelings by writing them down in a diary. She pours out her heart in the diary, expressing her love for Aslam, her sorrow for Rukhsar, and her regret for herself. She hides the diary in a secret place, hoping that no one will ever find it or read it.

The Twist in the Tale

One day, Rukhsar accidentally finds Nagma's diary while cleaning the house. She is curious about it and decides to read it. She is shocked and devastated by what she reads.

She discovers that Nagma loves Aslam too, and has loved him since the day they met. She learns that Nagma has been suffering from her love for Aslam and her guilt for Rukhsar. She realizes that Nagma has sacrificed her happiness and dignity for Rukhsar's sake. She feels betrayed and hurt by Nagma's deception and dishonesty. She also feels angry and jealous of Nagma's love for Aslam.

Rukhsar confronts Nagma and accuses her of being a bewafa (unfaithful) to her. She slaps her and throws her out of the house. She tells her that she never wants to see her again or talk to her again. She tells her that she has ruined her life and broken her trust.

Nagma tries to explain and apologize to Rukhsar, but Rukhsar does not listen to her. She tells her that she hates her and wishes that she never met her. She tells her that she is no longer her friend or sister, but only a stranger and an enemy.

Nagma leaves the house in tears, taking her children with her. She has nowhere to go and no one to help her. She wanders around the streets, looking for a shelter and a job.

Rukhsar also confronts Aslam and accuses him of being a bewafa (unfaithful) to her. She slaps him and tells him that she knows everything about his affair with Nagma. She tells him that he has cheated on her and lied to her. She tells him that he does not love her or respect her.

Aslam is shocked and confused by Rukhsar's accusations. He denies having any affair with Nagma or any feelings for her. He tells Rukhsar that he loves only her and that he married Nagma only for her happiness. He tells Rukhsar that he did not know that Nagma loved him too, and that he never encouraged or reciprocated her love.

Rukhsar does not believe Aslam and calls him a liar and a hypocrite. She tells him that she has read Nagma's diary and knows the truth. She tells him that he has betrayed her trust and broken her heart.

Aslam tries to explain and apologize to Rukhsar, but Rukhsar does not listen to him. She tells him that she hates him and wishes that she never married him. She tells him that he is no longer her husband, but only a stranger and an enemy.

Aslam is hurt and angry by Rukhsar's words. He tells her that he is sorry for hurting her, but he is not sorry for marrying Nagma or having children with her. He tells her that he is proud of his children and grateful to Nagma for giving them to him. He tells her that he respects Nagma as a wife and a mother, even if he does not love her as a lover.

Rukhsar is stunned and speechless by Aslam's words. She realizes that Aslam does have feelings for Nagma, even if he does not admit it. She realizes that Aslam does care for Nagma and his children, even if he does not show it. She realizes that she has lost Aslam's love and attention, even if she still has his name and status.

The Climax of the Movie

The movie reaches its climax when Rukhsar decides to leave Aslam and go back to India. She packs her bags and books a flight ticket. She does not tell Aslam or anyone else about her plan.

Aslam comes home from work and finds Rukhsar's note on the table. He reads it and learns that Rukhsar has left him for good. He is shocked and saddened by Rukhsar's decision. He feels guilty for hurting Rukhsar and driving her away.

He rushes to the airport to stop Rukhsar from leaving. He reaches the airport just in time to see Rukhsar boarding the plane. He calls out to Rukhsar and begs her to come back. He tells her that he loves her and needs her. He tells her that he is sorry for everything and that he wants to make it up to her.

Rukhsar hears Aslam's voice and turns around. She sees him running towards her and waving his hands. She feels a surge of mixed emotions: anger, sadness, love, and confusion. She does not know what to do or say.

She hesitates for a moment, then decides to ignore Aslam and board the plane. She tells herself that it is too late for Aslam to apologize and that she does not want him anymore. She tells herself that she is better off without him and that she can start a new life in India.

She walks towards the plane, leaving Aslam behind. Aslam tries to follow her, but he is stopped by the security guards. He watches helplessly as Rukhsar disappears into the plane. He cries out her name and falls to his knees.

However, fate has other plans for Rukhsar and Aslam. The plane that Rukhsar boards is hijacked by some terrorists who demand a ransom for the passengers. The plane is diverted to an unknown location and the terrorists threaten to kill the passengers if their demands are not met.

Rukhsar is terrified and regrets her decision to leave Aslam. She wishes that she had listened to him and given him another chance. She wishes that she had stayed with him and worked on their marriage. She wishes that she had told him that she loved him too.

She takes out her phone and tries to call Aslam. She hopes that he is still at the airport and that he will answer her call. She hopes that he will hear her voice and save her from the terrorists.

Aslam is still at the airport, waiting for some news about Rukhsar. He is worried and anxious about her safety and whereabouts. He hopes that she is okay and that she will come back to him. He hopes that he will see her again and tell her how much he loves her.

He feels his phone ringing and looks at the screen. He sees Rukhsar's name and number flashing on the screen. He is surprised and happy to see her call. He thinks that she has changed her mind and decided to return to him.

He answers the call and says hello. He hears Rukhsar's voice, but it is not what he expects. He hears her crying and screaming for help. He hears her saying that she is on a hijacked plane and that she is going to die. He hears her saying that she loves him and that she is sorry for everything.

He is shocked and horrified by what he hears. He does not believe what he hears. He thinks that it is a prank or a mistake. He asks Rukhsar what is going on and where she is. He tells her not to worry and that he will save her.

But before he can say anything else, the call is disconnected. He tries to call back, but there is no response. He realizes that it was not a prank or a mistake, but a reality. He realizes that Rukhsar is in danger and that he might lose her forever.

He panics and runs to the authorities. He tells them about Rukhsar's call and the hijacking situation. He begs them to do something and save Rukhsar's life.

The authorities are already aware of the hijacking incident and are trying to negotiate with the terrorists. They tell Aslam to calm down and wait for their updates. They tell him that they are doing their best to rescue Rukhsar and the other passengers.

Aslam does not calm down or wait for their updates. He does not trust them or their efforts. He decides to take matters into his own hands and save Rukhsar himself.

He borrows a car from a friend and drives to the location where the plane has landed. He manages to sneak past the security checkpoints and reach the runway where the plane is parked.

He sees the plane surrounded by armed terrorists who are holding the passengers hostage inside. He also sees some commandos who are preparing to storm the plane and free the hostages.

He does not wait for the commandos or their signal. He grabs a gun from a nearby guard and runs towards the plane. He shoots at the terrorists and tries to reach the door of the plane. He hopes to find Rukhsar inside and take her out safely.

However, his plan goes wrong and he gets shot by one of the terrorists. He falls to the ground, bleeding and wounded. He sees the door of the plane open and Rukhsar come out. She sees him lying on the ground and runs towards him. She cries out his name and holds him in her arms.

Aslam opens his eyes and sees Rukhsar's face. He smiles weakly and tells her that he is glad to see her. He tells her that he loves her and that he is sorry for everything. He tells her that he came to save her and take her back with him.

Rukhsar tells him that she loves him too and that she is sorry for everything. She tells him that he did not have to come and risk his life for her. She tells him that he is her hero and that she wants to go back with him.

They hug each other and kiss each other. They say their final goodbye to each other. They close their eyes and die in each other's arms.

The commandos storm the plane and kill the terrorists. They rescue the hostages and take them out of the plane. They also find Aslam and Rukhsar's bodies on the runway. They are shocked and saddened by their tragic fate.

The movie ends with a song that plays in the background, as the camera zooms out from Aslam and Rukhsar's bodies, showing their faces frozen in a smile.

The Review of Bewafa Se Wafa

The Positive Aspects of the Movie

Bewafa Se Wafa is a movie that has many positive aspects that make it worth watching. Some of them are:

  • The performances of the actors and actresses: The movie features some talented actors and actresses who deliver convincing and emotional performances. Juhi Chawla, Vivek Mushran, Nagma, and Aruna Irani play their roles with sincerity and passion. They make the audience feel their pain, joy, love, and anger.

  • The music and songs of the movie: The movie has a beautiful soundtrack that complements the mood and theme of the movie. The songs are composed by Usha Khanna and sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kumar Sanu, Vipin Sachdeva, and others. The songs are catchy, melodious, and meaningful. They express the feelings of the characters and enhance the impact of the scenes.

  • The emotional scenes and dialogues of the movie: The movie has many emotional scenes and dialogues that touch the heart of the audience. The scenes of friendship, love, sacrifice, betrayal, and forgiveness are portrayed with realism and sensitivity. The dialogues are powerful, poetic, and memorable. They convey the message of the movie in a simple and effective way.

  • The message of friendship, love, and sacrifice of the movie: The movie has a strong message that resonates with the audience. The message is that friendship, love, and sacrifice are the most precious things in life, but they also come with a price. The message is that one should be loyal, honest, and grateful to one's friends, lovers, and family, but also respect their feelings and choices. The message is that one should be ready to face the consequences of one's actions and decisions, but also hope for the best.

The Negative Aspects of the Movie

Bewafa Se Wafa is a movie that also has some negative aspects that make it less appealing. Some of them are:

  • The unrealistic plot and characters of the movie: The movie has a plot that is too far-fetched and unbelievable. The movie has characters that are too idealistic and unrealistic. The movie has situations that are too coincidental and convenient. The movie has twists that are too predictable and clichéd.

The melodramatic tone and direction of the


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