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Archiglazing For Archicad 16

although i havent seen an archicad 16 specific option to create bim files, you can actually save your archicad project as a file in.dwg format and than open it in any dwg or bim software you like to create a bim model.

Archiglazing for Archicad 16

in an architecture office, it is challenging to keep up with the evolution of interior design software. in the past, each software had its own specific process for creating interior layouts. because of this, interior designers used to have to learn different processes for creating rooms with each software. this was especially true when cad software was first introduced to the interior design industry. cad software like archicad, allowed interior designers to create interior layouts much faster and simpler. it revolutionized the industry and opened many doors for interior designers. however, cad software is not without its disadvantages, not only did cad software allow designers to produce great, clean interior designs, cad software created many difficulties for the interior designer.

to give you an example of the problems that designers are having, lets go back to our earlier example of placing a double window. a designer might be able to create a double window. the problem would be that the window would not look right because the window would be too far from where it was originally designed. in addition, the designer might have to use the remove window option to remove the double window. this is a very time-consuming process, and it is very inefficient to have to create the window, remove it, and then re-create the window. cad software like archicad would not allow the user to create a double window and then place the window. the only way to do this would be to design the windows in two separate windows.


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