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The Meaning and Impact of Attack on Titan Opening 1: Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen

Alongside, the song ranked in the music charts of various countries. The iTunes Rock Chart got the song in the top 10 rankings in 28 countries. Moreover, in 25 countries, the Apple Music Rock chart got it in the top 10. The fans worldwide eagerly await the full version of the song.

Attack On Titan Opening 1 Full Version

While many fans speculate that the OP might indicate towards an anime original ending, the repeated use of bird-imagery suggests otherwise. Hopefully, the rest of the Attack on Titan final season's part 2 will do justice to this opening.

With lyrics based on the Biblical passages in the Psalms (36:30), and the Epistle of James (1:12) from the Latin Vulgate, and the Renaissance hymn, "Ave Mundi Spes Maria," sung in Latin, Lilium is a dominant part of Elfen Lied. Kumiko Noma performs the opening and a full version as well. MOKA is a two-person musician group that composed Lilium and consists of Yukio Kondo and Kayo Konishi. They jointly arranged the lyrics and composed it. The anime director Mamoru Kanbe made a single request to MOKA that the opening theme should be a religious music and this was the background why MOKA chose the lyrics from the Biblical texts etc. Kayo Konishi explains the reason why MOKA wanted Latin verses as follows. While she studied at a mission school, she sang hymns in Latin, and she liked the sounds that the language had. So she wanted to make the opening theme "Lilium" like a contemporary Gregorian hymn.

Lilium plays in four versions in the anime: the opening version, the Griffin Chorus version, the music box version, and the full version found in the 13th episode. Also present here are the MOKA version and a performance by the Ukrainian Boys Choir Dzvinochok.

Koei Tecmo has announced that a demo for Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle will be distributed in Japan on April 26. Of course, it can be found on the eShop. Those who play the demo can bring over benefits to the full version.


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