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Hakim Beavers
Hakim Beavers

Midi Illustrator 2.01 Portable

the roland tr-808 has become one of the most recognised and influential synthesizers in the world. using a meticulously designed analogue circuit board with 128 voice polyphony, the tr-808 has been mastered and modified for the best possible sound. available in both single and dual channel variations the tr-808 provides a full complement of 24-bit resolution analogue oscillators, classic filter and envelopes, a wide range of effects, and four assignable outputs. watch this video for an introduction to the tr-808

Midi Illustrator 2.01 Portable

piccolo - occ audio is an insanely powerful audio control surface for performing live via midi. using it's internal mixer and eight highly configurable encoders, the pico is ideal for controlling effects, playing and recording midi, as well as many other audio tasks. an extremely powerful tool, the pico will open new doors for your musical endeavours!

midiillustrator is a great tool that generates midi files from the symbols in your drawings. this has been a great companion to my graphics design process. its key features include: - automatic layout - midiart - track selection - fast midi playback - track envelope

smartdraw lets you create diagrams with circles, arrows, bars, boxes, text, lines, labels, trees, links and more. you can customize shapes, colors and fonts to create professional-looking diagrams and charts. use smartdraw to plan and sketch workflows for any business project. smardll diagrams made with smartdraw can be saved as picture files and organized into folders.


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