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Erotic Ghost Story YIFY

From the director of the amusing "The Story of Ricky" and the downright bleak "Her Vengeance" comes..."Erotic Ghost Story", a sensual reworking of George Miller's "The Witches of Eastwick". Yes, the film does rip "Witches" off and it does feature some very poor effects sequences (the transformations are like something from the 50's), but...If Asian women rock your boat, hop on board this erotic masterpiece. I didn't care for the story. I didn't care for the bumbling, hideously irritating character known as "Scholar". All I cared for was seeing more full-frontal nudity of the achingly beautiful creatures who prance across the screen in various states of undress.There is a plethora of mouth-watering images of breasts, vaginal lips, firm bottoms, tongues, sisters engaged in lesbian loving, masturbation, wind-swept ponds of flower petals, carefree nymphs dancing through fields of swaying grass, you name it, this flick's got it...As long as you're not expecting anything more than pure female flesh.It's better than the self-conscious "Sex and Zen" and it leaves its own sequels in the dust.The music, like its cast, is hypnotic, too.

Erotic Ghost Story YIFY

As a rule I do not like Chines erotic films when they are set in period. There is something about them that is completely un-erotic, and yet I find I keep trying the films again and again despite knowing I find them painfully boring.This brings me to An Erotic Ghost story. This is an awful soft core erotic supernatural tale. It has the well proportioned Amy Yip in one of her few topless roles. However like most films of this nature its not worth seeing and falls into the off the board "bad film category" that should never be bothered with called Hong Kong erotica. Its just bad. So while Amy Yip is one of my favorite actresses, I can't recommend this film to anyone even if they want to see her sans clothes.

Those who have seen the beautifully crisp and considerably raunchy 'Erotic Ghost Story' will know what to expect from its sequel. Well kind of, as like most sequels it overdoes itself in every category. It's far sleazier, stranger and neurotic in its erotic fantasy. Is it better for it… well I liked it, but still prefer the original film.Wutung a sex demon returns in another body where he falls for the mortal girl Hsiao-yen, but heaven thinks otherwise with the girl being burned at the stake and her soul being incarnated in the just born Fang Yu-yin. Anger fills Wutung, and to stop this vengeance the town near his lair promise to offer him a virgin girl at the end of every month to become his sex slave. Ya-Yin is selected; however her lover rescues her from the clutches of Wutung. So Wutung sends his demon concubine to get her back, and to cause havoc on the village for the interference.Really it wasn't as captivating as I remembered it being, however it's a colorfully cheerful and playful mash that's hard not be infatuated by. Slow to get going (where it quickly caps off what happened in the first and sets the story in motion of the sex demon Wutung returning), but when it breaks out, it's stylishly crazy (the dwarf monk takes the cake) and frenetic verve comes to the party. There a real nice flow to the action with well positioned photography, and not forgetting its in-your-face comical horn-dog attitude and harmlessly goofy nature.Being risqué and low-brow it was heavy on the lusting sexual activities (some quite twisted while others rather hysterical), making up a lot of the alluring set-pieces in a choppy but meaty plot (which was a delusional love story at heart). There's nothing overly horrific or creepy about it, but a vibrantly realized atmosphere (despite some chintzy looking set-designs and hazy visuals with a washed-out look) holds colored details and supernatural currents. It's adequately staged by Peter Ngor's spirited direction and the use of stylized images (like the lesbian and underwater sex scenes). The jaggedly overstated score held succulent ooze with its soulful jazz cues, maybe a bit of place. The performances are held together rather finely. Anthony Wong goes all out as the demon Wutung, (with a pale white screwed-up face, feral mop hair and a rubber tail) and an innocently sweet May Law instating something enticing about her beautifully love struck glare. Lui Siu Kip holds plenty of charm as the heroine. Amy Yip (who appeared as one of the leads in the first) has only a small part here.

Joe and his girlfriend Ida are on safari in Nepal, and he comes across the beautiful stranger Sheila. Unknowingly to him, his been chosen to take over the possession of a very important necklace and ancient knife that was held by mystical chief, which if the former item gets in hands of evil could be disastrous. After a bad accident and returning to Honk Kong, he encounters Sheila again and through her he miraculously recovers. Also he has gained some supernatural powers, and Sheila happens to be there for him. They fall in love and Joe harmlessly dabbles in his new abilities, until the actual demon comes looking for him and a battle eventuates for those powerful belongings.Director Ching Siu Tung (from the beautifully erotic "A Chinese Ghost Story" series) loves to demonstrate a dream-like, supernatural-fantasy filled with mythical magic and rampantly high-flying stunts. The Honk Kong feature "Witch From Nepal" mostly provides on that quality. Arresting visuals amongst a thickly misty atmosphere is captured by fluently inventive photography, vividly penetrating lighting and a lingering score of adaptable moodiness. The flashy stunt work is over-the-top and fanatic, but staged with skilled rigour by Ching Siu Tung and the same can be said about the intense martial arts sequences (like the final thunderous showdown). Accompanying the no gravity bound leaps, are plenty of swoosh sounds. Some things did get laughable, because of the very serious nature placed upon something very silly and slight in detail. However they're one or two impressively creepy sequences involving a dog out-of-its-league and definitely the murky graveyard ambush. Covering the screen are many stylish images that rattle along, which are well-organised and illustrated handsomely. These aspects help a lot, but want makes this one a very ordinary offering, is that it's pretty slow to get to the business end. The premise idea (which maybe looked better on paper) is sidetracked by uninteresting filler and succumbs to a meandering pace. It takes a good hour or so, to break out of that pattern. The plot is hazy and extremely convenient in stretches, but really hurting it is a real lack of urgency and very little concentration on the offbeat developments. FX is cheap and dated, but looks able enough and it's worked into the feature with decent restraint. The always-formidable Chow Yun-Fat is in what you call a star vehicle does a fine job. The delightful Kit Ying Lam and stunning Emily Chu supply reasonable support. Dick Wei's does the action well and his wild appearance (albeit with the hokey cat screaming/roaring that became grating) is sound enough as the demon warrior.The film richly looks the part with its mystical awe and swiftly frenetic stunts, but fiddly uneven story telling brings it down a couple of notches. Undemanding fantasy-action fodder. 041b061a72


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