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Mount And Blade Warband Game Of Thrones Modsl

While other mods have a lot to offer, I have to admit that Persino is a personal favorite. I have a soft spot for fantasy and for mounting a killer wolf or dragon and charging over enemy soldiers as I can do here. Other games lack that, and the mixture of Dwarfs, Elves, Giants, and Humans create a useful fantasy setting that has some very interesting factions and troop lines. The minor factions play a big role here, and it even includes a conqueror who comes partway through the game with huge armies, tossing things into disarray and becoming a major faction.

Mount And Blade Warband Game Of Thrones Modsl

I then took the advice of some posters on the Tale Worlds forums and proceeded to do the quests the merchant gives you at the start. He wants you to speak to a Septon who in turn sends you to the Citadel to speak to the Archmaester. You also pick up a quest to deliver a letter and a ruby ring to Ninestars where a tournament is being held in honor of a wedding. While I was travelling the map to complete these initial quests I recruited a small band of 25 or so men from the villages in the Stormlands. Between the experience from the quests and the experience from using my warband to jump smaller groups of bandits while travelling, I was able to quickly gain a few levels, increasing my STR to 15 and my INT to 9 (which earned me bonus skill points to spend as well). I also discovered that if you take the time to explore the towns and villages to meet their guild master or village elder, the game rewards you with XP. You get 150xp for a village elder, and 300xp for a guild master. At the start of the game this can lead to quick and combat-free leveling.

Most mods I have selected totally revamp the whole gameplay of Warband. My background and interests have influenced what mods I picked to play and ended up liking. Read without any worry because I have ensured the minimum amount of spoilers.

I'm Kiri Kaneko and I'd like to offer my own advice on how to make money. I recommend a cha character with at least a couple of points in prisoner management to begin with. Why not str/agi? Because it's a game of thrones and it's all about political cunning!

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