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Idol: The Coup - Season 1

The acquisition of Malakhov, a virtuoso, was a coup for the Devils, who will go into the playoffs carrying the most baggage and external pressure of any team in the league, who will go into the tournament guilty until they are able to prove themselves innocent.

Idol: The Coup - Season 1

Ryan Seacrest was right when he said that this elimination, right before hometown visits is arguably the most difficult of the season. The awareness of this impending difficulty was etched on the faces of every hopeful as they were forced to endure another long, drawn out episode featuring past contestants and current performers hoping to tap into American Idol's diminishing fan base before it flatlines all together.

On Thursday, the roster included past winner David Cook who (I'm pleased to report) was looking markedly less creepy than he did during Idol's notorious season 7, also known as the David versus David season. In addition to reducing fine lines and creep-factor, Cook's Idol win also helped him to purchase a nice little house in Nashville, complete with three dogs and a yard.

Two weeks ago, the shoes-and-such company Converse issued a four-minute edit of "DoYaThing", an outlandish collaboration between three unlikely parties: The thriving-against-all-odds characters of Gorillaz met "in a London flat" with OutKast's André 3000 and former LCD Soundsystem lead James Murphy. They delivered the brand a superstar coup of lifestyle marketing-- and an unexpected link to a load of experimental music.

But despite historically frosty ties with Lula, the military did not oppose his return to office, and they have not acknowledged the continued demonstrations outside army barracks by Bolsonaro supporters calling for a coup. 041b061a72


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