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HACK Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.2160 [eNJoY-iT]

As soon as I clicked Format, I received a dialog box that said Confirm Format on this partition. So I clicked OK, and Acronis then started formatting the disk. Then it began to copy files over from the flash drive onto the new drive. It also offered to back up my files to the flash drive. I havent tried that yet. But I did notice that it created the copy in the same WIMS folder that I set in Disk Woes. So I had the drive we set up earlier. On the other hand, it also has a Web server set up with a web-based interface. So if you want to edit partitions and drive properties from another computer, thats an option.

HACK Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.2160 [eNJoY-iT]


I also noticed the four disks on the left side of the window, with the Acronis drive at the top. I opened up the drive properties and found the Remove Drive option on the Action tab. In the dialog, I could change the volume name, change the drive letter if its a different one, and also remove it from the Volume Manager. I also realized that this Acronis drive was the only one listed as removable in DriveWise.

I had the same error when trining to clone an Inspiron 3880 1TB HDD to 500 GB SSD. The clone USB was created in Acronis and was a Linux OS. It would be helpful to have the version listed at install, but I guess I can get it at cmd prompt. I found that the BIOS was set to raid but was still using AHCI for a single drive. After Changing from Raid to AHCI, I tested the original HD boot. No errors. I started the Clone and used the manual setting so I could see how the drive partitions resided. I was not happy with the interface as it did show the original to allow me to resize some partitions. I know I could have started a third part disk manager, but it would have been helpful to do everything in one app. Acronis True Image 2021. All other products I tried to clone with did not clone the restore partitions correctly and were none functional on the new drive. Not sure if it made a difference, but all other products used WinPE. One additional note forInspiron 3880. I could not find any legacy USB support. All USB boot drives would only appear in the boot manager if they were UEFI. I hope this helps the next person.


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