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The Settlers 4 Gold Edition PC Game Free Download ((FULL))

The Settlers IV received mixed reviews, with most critics feeling it was too similar to The Settlers III, and many opining that Blue Byte had failed to steer the gameplay away from an over-reliance on combat. Although the graphics and animations were generally praised, the AI, mission variety, and limited combat strategy were criticised, with reviews comparing the game unfavourably to titles such as Age of Empires II and Zeus: Master of Olympus. The handheld version received more positive reviews, and was lauded for replicating the original game on a portable device, and for successfully adapting the controls to a touchscreen. The most common criticism concerned the lack of free play and multiplayer modes.

The Settlers 4 Gold Edition PC Game Free Download

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Whether playing single-player or multiplayer mode, each game begins the same way; the player has a small settlement, a set amount of raw materials and tools, and a predetermined number of settlers.[24][25] The basic gameplay revolves around serfs (the titular "settlers"), who transport materials, tools and produce, and who populate and perform the requisite task of each building.[9][14] As in The Settlers III, new settlers can only be acquired by the construction of residences.[26]

At no point does the player directly control any normal settler - instead, general orders are issued (such as ordering the construction of a building), with the AI handling the delegation of orders to specific settlers.[9][27] However, the player can control specialist settlers, of which there are four types; pioneers (extend the player's territory by digging at the border), thieves (scout enemy territory and steal resources), geologists (test mountainous ground for raw materials), and gardeners (reclaim terrain corrupted by the Dark Tribe). When playing a multiplayer game, the player also has access to a fifth specialist unit; the Saboteur, who can attack and destroy all enemy buildings, not just military installations.[11][28]

As in The Settlers III, players do not have to construct a road network. Instead, settlers can walk freely around the player's territory, with the AI handling pathfinding. Like all previous games in the series, The Settlers IV has an adjustable goods priority system, which determines the order in which items are transported.[29] Players can also build marketplaces, which allow for the establishment of trade routes between areas on the same geographical region,[30] and shipyards, which allow for the manufacture of warships, ferries (can transport specialist settlers, soldiers and war machines) and trade ships (can transport items from a landing dock to a different geographical region).[31]

The economy is under the player's control throughout the game. For example, the player can control the distribution of goods by selecting which percentage of a given resource is transported to a given building.[29] In a similar manner, the player can select what tools are made when. Tool production is important insofar as all buildings require raw materials and a worker with the right tool. For example, if the player has built a mine, and the building is still empty despite the presence of idle settlers, a pickaxe will need to be manufactured in the toolsmith. The game also uses a notification system that alerts the player if a building cannot be occupied either due to a lack of the right tool or the absence of available settlers.[36]

As in The Settlers III, the game features magic, whereby each race can call upon their deities for economic and/or military assistance. Once the player has both manna and priests, they have finite access to a number of spells, the nature of which depends on the race.[37] These spells include tuning fish to stone, turning enemy soldiers to allies (Romans), turning stone to iron, temporarily freezing enemies (Vikings), turning wood to gold, turning enemy bowmen into butterflies (Mayans),[38] turning sulphur to iron, and turning enemy soldiers into normal settlers (Trojans).[39]

As with Settlers III, the buildings in the game were created using 3D Studio Max, with Adobe Photoshop used to create the textures. Each race was assigned their own specific artist, who worked on nothing except the buildings for that particular race. According to lead artist/co-designer/co-writer Torsten Hess, this was done "so that the style of the buildings within a people is uniform".[62] However, there were certain overriding rules to which the individual artists had to adhere. One of the most important was a technique Hess had employed on Settlers III; after the textures were applied, they were "dirtied" so as to create a lived-in, real-world sense. Hess explains, was: "Rigid and straight edges should be avoided. Beautiful curves and moving lines are instead used to suggest life in the settlers world. For the textures, this means stronger colours, a slightly higher contrast than the figures, as well as a lot of detail and the use of many different colour families. We definitely want to avoid a sterile look. We also draw all the textures by hand".[62]

In October, Blue Byte released "Smack a Thief", a minigame designed to promote the main game. A variation on Whac-A-Mole, in "Smack a Thief", the player must click on Viking thieves before they can raid the Roman stores and escape. Available as a free download from Blue Byte's website, the game allowed players to upload their high scores to a global high score table.[66]

For example, rather than the building menu always present onscreen, it is accessed by pressing an icon which opens the "Build Menu". From within this menu, the player then has access to various submenus, such as "Basic Buildings", "Food Buildings" and "Military Buildings". Similarly, to access the menu to control specialist settlers, the player touches another icon, which is only available if the player has any such settlers available.[80] Pressing down on any icon for two seconds brings up a brief help screen for that icon,[86] and pausing the game allows the player to access a full help menu, replacing the "Extended tool tips" which appeared on-screen in the original.[85]

PC Player's Damian Knaus scored the original game 85 out of 100, giving it a "Gold Player" award. Although he was impressed with the Dark Tribe, he criticised the integration of gardeners into the gameplay, calling them an "unnecessary extravagance". He was also critical of the lack of any "real innovations" and the absence of female settlers. However, despite these reservations, he felt the game was the best Settlers title thus far, and was especially impressed with the graphics.[94]

AppSpy's Andrew Nesvadba scored the iOS version 5 out of 5, praising the graphics and touchscreen controls: "The Settlers is everything great about strategy games. It's easy enough to jump in and muck around while progressing, but ultimately there's a complex and amazingly detailed set of interactions for players to learn".[96] Arron Hirst of 148Apps scored it 4 out of 5. Although he was critical of the lack of free play and multiplayer modes, he praised the controls and the replication of the original game mechanics, saying "the game is both immersive and addicting".[80] TouchArcade also scored it 4 out of 5, criticising the lack of free play, but praising the graphics and sound effects, and calling the game "a solid experience".[98]

Pocket Gamer's Tracy Erickson scored it 4 out of 5, giving it a "Silver Award", and calling it "surprisingly good" and "largely positive". Although he was critical of the lack of free play and multiplayer modes, and felt the playing area was oftentimes too cluttered with icons and menus, he concluded by praising the "deep economic strategy gameplay".[85]

Religion and military are interesting aspects to spice up the game. Priests are the spiritual links between the gods and the people, calling forth miracles to sustain followers. Miracles take the form of spells that provide more materials, bestow benefits on settlers and soldiers, or wreak havoc upon heretic nations opposing the player. Sacrificing alcoholic beverages generates mana, the currency of miracles: Roman wine, Viking mead, or Mayan tequila -- a neat and satisfying idea that works well.

One of the biggest flaws of gameplay concerns the passage of time. While the animations are initially cute, waiting for a house to go up during a period of scarce workers or a dearth of materials is physically painful. Thankfully, the F12 key will advance the game a real-time minute, moving characters to where they will be 60 seconds from now and advancing production as well. However, hitting F12 to finish a tower just as the enemy enters the city is disastrous. There's no chance to muster forces for defense and, since the computer rarely attacks until it is good and ready, the next minute usually reveals a desolate area where workshops once stood. Why Blue Byte elected to advance time rather than simply speed it up like nearly any other game in the genre is unfathomable. Perhaps the fifth edition of the game will resolve this design faux pas.

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