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Lagaan Once Upon A Time In India REPACK Download 720p Movies

"Lagaan" was nominated for the Oscar and lost. There is no shame in this, as all the nominees were exceptional that year...though if I had been voting, I would have selected "Lagaan". It's a near-perfect film...and among the best Indian films I have ever seen. The only films I can recall being slightly better are "Kahaahi" and "Three Idiots". All three films are ample proof that India's films could be the equal to the best Hollywood was to offer.The story is set in rural India in the very late 19th century. Their British overlords have a tax ('lagaan') they collect from all the locals each year. The previous year's taxes were reduced by half due to a drought. The drought has continued and instead of once again charging half, the capricious Captain has ordered the tax to be double the usual tax! There is no way the locals can pay the tax and survive...and when they appeal the decision, the Captain responds by tripling it!Part of the reason for this nastiness is that the monstrous Captain hates Bhuvan (Aamir Khan)...but most of it seems because the Captain loves toying with the a cat toys with a mouse. However, he does offer them a way so ridiculous that it's obvious he is just toying with them. If the locals can organize a cricket team that can beat the local British team, the tax won't be collected for the next three years. But this isn't so generous...the locals have never even seen a cricket match...let along understand the rules. The loss seems like a foregone conclusion...but Bhuvan isn't about to give up and organizes a rag-tag team.I loved this film. The cinematography, sets, acting and music were all spot on...and I appreciate that. My only complaints, and wow are they minor, is that the ending is pretty much predictable since the film IS an Indian film AND the nice British lady learns the local language insanely fast...just too fast to be realistic. Overall, a terrific film. Don't let its near four-hour running time scare you from watching it.

Lagaan Once Upon A Time In India Download 720p Movies


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