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Hello Kitty MP3 Accessories: Speakers, Headphones, Cases, and More

Step 1b.To make the button have an image of a cat, in the Properties pane, under Image, click on the text "None..." and click "Upload New" (#2). A window will pop up to let you choose the image file. Click "Choose File" and then navigate to the location of the kitty.png file you downloaded earlier (#3). Click the kitty.png file, click "Open", and then click "OK".

If the entire kitty picture is not showing up, you can fix this by setting the Height and Width properties of the Button to "Fill Parent". To do this, click on the Button component, go to the Properties pane on the right-hand side, scroll down to the very bottom to where it says Width and click on the word "Automatic..." to activate the drop down list. Choose "Fill Parent". Do the same for the Height property.

hello kitty mp3

Step 3. From the User Interface palette, drag and drop the Label component to the Viewer (#1), placing it below the picture of the kitty. It will appear under your list of components as Label1.


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