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Best Site To Buy College Football Tickets

Tired of watching sports at home? The best sports tickets sites enable you to find amazing seats for your favorite sports teams and matches at the best possible price, so you can get in on the action. Whether it's the NBA or the NFL, you can find tickets to all major sporting events on these platforms.

best site to buy college football tickets


If you're trying to get tickets to in-demand or even sold-out events, these sports tickets sites can help you to find exactly what you're looking for. Many of them have resale tickets as well as cheaper options for events you might not think you can afford.

The good news is that you don't have to worry about the safety of your tickets either. Most websites offer guarantees and insurance on tickets, meaning you can book with peace of mind. You'll be reassured that your tickets are completely legit, and have a money-back guarantee if your event ends up being canceled.

When we were rounding up the best sports ticket sites, we also took admin fees, website accessibility, stability, offers, queue systems, and hotel deals into account. In short, we considered every possible feature to make sure we are selecting the best sites.

Putting your money into the best sports ticket sites can require a lot of trust, which is why we endeavor to review every single site that we recommend. In the event that we haven't been able to yet, we include customer reviews to give you peace of mind that you're making the right decision and that it's a reliable choice.

Stubhub has tickets to over 60 different types of sporting events, making it one of the biggest sports ticket sites out there right now, and our top choice. It came out as one of the best sites in our price comparison tests, where we compared and averaged the prices of tickets to three sporting events.

Sports ticket prices can often quickly skyrocket as a result of hidden costs, so we made this the focus of our checks. Like SeatGeek, the site only added $8 in shipping and handling fees to a $25 ticket, which was less than every other website we tested. This, combined with a mere 10-percent ticket resale fee, makes it the place to get the best value for sports tickets.

Many positive five star reviews commented on how easy it is to use the mobile app and website, however, there are a number of negative reviews. One customer complained that after buying tickets through a reseller on StubHub and flying interstate for the concert, the tickets were cancelled and there was little support from the company itself.

Stub-Hub, which is owned by eBay, allows to you search for events based on where you live, the sport you're interested in, or even your favorite team. The little fire icon will appear on tickets that are particularly popular for any given event, so you will know when there might be a chance of tickets selling out. Once you select an event, it's really easy to select the area of the stadium you want to sit or stand in. You can even see the view from each spot on the site's interactive seating chart. If you're not bothered about the view, you can instead sort ticket results by price, best value, or best seats. There's a StubHub app too, which makes it convenient to buy tickets on the go, or even right before an event.

If you can no longer make the sports event, you don't need to worry. StubHub allows you to resell tickets directly through the site, and it only takes 10% of the selling price. This is one of the lower resale fees we saw, as some sites can take a huge chunk which cuts your own take-home. Like on most sites, you're guaranteed legitimate event tickets and you'll receive a full refund if the event is canceled. StubHub also owns Ticketbis, providing access to tickets for more than 10 million sports and other entertainment events happening in over 40 countries.

Vivid Seats didn't have the cheapest offering of sports tickets that we saw across sites, but the rewards system is what makes it an attractive choice. The scheme rewards regular buyers with up to 8% credit when they buy through the Vivid Seats app, so if you frequently attend your favorite team's matches or you're the go-to booker for your friends and family, this is a handy feature to make the most of. There are heaps of sporting events to choose from, so there's bound to be something that takes your fancy. Plus, if you're a 'Hall of Famer' (meaning you spend over $2000 annually) then this credit won't expire. If you aren't quite spending that much, your credit will last a full year.

The prices weren't the lowest that we saw, but they were still comparable with our front-runners. The fees on Vivid Seats tickets are what lets the site down as they were often hefty. In one instance the fees cost more than the sports ticket itself, which is a less than friendly surprise to get at checkout.

If you're looking to buy resale tickets on Vivid Seats, it's worth noting that they act as a middleman between sellers and buyers. Therefore, prices can be a lot more than other sites as a result of higher demand. This could also create difficulty in reporting any issues, as they have to get in contact with the seller.

Most of the sports ticket websites we reviewed only give you a full refund if the event is completely canceled, which is particularly frustrating if it's been rescheduled and you can no longer make the new date. One website also excludes events canceled due to weather, which puts your tickets and money at further risk. If you've already purchased a plane ticket to get to the game, or used those sacred PTO days, this can be a huge issue.

Ticketmaster has some of the most reasonable fees on sports tickets, but we did find that ticket prices fluctuated depending on the event. In one case, a ticket that most other sites priced at around $10 were on sale for $23.

SeatGeek has transparent fees and deal scores that make it simple for you to really know that you're getting the best deal possible. It's a site that you can feel confident using, which is important when you're spending a lot of money on tickets, or relying on them to watch your favorite team. Plus, some of the fees were the lowest we found, making SeatGeek a great sports ticket site if you're after a good price.

We appreciated the clear emphasis placed on sports, with a drop down menu that gives you hundreds of options for events. There's also a search bar so you can search by team, event, or even venue. It's a clean website that is simple to use, so you won't have any issues with finding a sports event that interests you. SeatGeek has an app too, so you can quickly search and purchase tickets when last-minute plans are made.

SeatGeek has a reassuringly high rating on Trustpilot, at four stars. It also has an abundance of five star reviews offering fantastic peace of mind that you'll receive legit tickets and great customer service. Some negative ratings noted that tickets were invalid at the point of entry, but these seem like isolated issues that the site dealt with.

TickPick has now merged with Razorgator, but it's still packing all of the same great features. The site might initially appear as a being solely for concert tickets as the homepage shows a lift of trending events which are geared toward music artists. However, there's countless sporting events covered making it a great place to search for and purchase sports tickets. The chart is interactive and there's the most filters of any site we tested. You can search by best deal, price, and best seat to name a few. You can also narrow results even further to 'on aisle', 'wheelchair accessible' and 'elite sellers only', so it's easy to find the exact results that suit your requirements. Tickets can either be physical or electronic and this is shown right next to the listing.

TickPick is a lesser-known concert ticket site, so there were far fewer reviews online. Most users noted the cost increase as a result of the bidding process on tickets. This is great for those selling tickets, but disappointing for customers who are wanting to buy tickets to in-demand sports events.

While we focused on sports tickets for this review, TickPick also sells concert and theater tickets, so it's a great place for exploring different entertainment options. Another plus of using TickPick is that each ticket is backed by a 100-percent Buyer Guarantee. If an event happens to be postponed or rescheduled, you can use the tickets on the rescheduled date or list them back up for sale. If you opt to resell the ticket, you can select tickets as 'open to bidding' which is great for making a few extra bucks if the event is in demand. Alternatively, you can select an outright price if you just want to sell the tickets on quickly. TickPick will then take a 10-percent commission which is pretty comparable to other ticket sites.

We spent over 20 hours researching the most popular and most reliable sports tickets websites, to ensure we are bringing you the best in class. We considered how transparent their prices and fees are, their return policies, and their buyer and seller guarantees.

Alongside ticket prices and extra fees, we checked to see if the best sports ticket sites have rewards programs, a mobile app, customizable ticket alerts, or interactive seating charts. You can also sell tickets on many of these sites, and some will even buy your tickets directly from you to make life that little bit easier.

Low resale fees were one of the biggest factors we favored in our search for the best sports ticket sites. Return policies tend to be similar across all the websites - you can't get your money back unless the event is completely canceled. Tickets to rescheduled concerts aren't usually eligible for refunds but there were a select few sites where this is possible.

College football stadiums can be found from coast to coast, and even Hawaii. In addition to all of the tiny Division 2 and 3 schools that play football for the love of the game, there are over 100 college campuses across the country playing big-time college football. Somewhere on those campuses, there is always a stadium that becomes the focal point of an entire city (sometimes an entire state) a few times a year. College football stadiums are among the largest in the world, with schools always looking for ways to find more room for more fans. 041b061a72


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