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Accordingly, if the installer (speaker) is verified and the command (e.g., "install software" or "authorize my use") is successfully decoded by the speech recognizer 110, the conditional controller 114 permits the installation or application execution to continue, i.e., permits the installation portion of the software application program (e.g., system 116) to proceed with normal installation operations. If the installer is not verified, the conditional controller 114 does not permit installation to continue. Similarly, if the user is not verified, the conditional controller 114 does not permit execution to continue. If this would-be installer or user were actually a person authorized to install or use the software, absent the inversion of the classical security paradigm by the present invention, the person would have to contact the software manufacturer. However, by relaxing the constraints of the voice characteristic comparisons by employing the concept of speaker legions according to the present invention, such inconvenience to the purchaser will almost never occur. Further, if the models are stored by the software on a web site, the first use of the re-installed software requires Internet access and, thus, the same procedure as described above would follow with the additional step of downloading the models from the web site. If no access is possible from the particular computer on which the software package is to be installed, the user can download the models on a diskette or obtain the diskette from the software manufacturer (operating the web site). Preferably, this diskette contains encrypted versions of the models. The software program may then decrypt and read the models and perform verification, as previously described. In the case that these models are stored in the data areas of the program itself, the program may be freely copied but remains useful only to the authorized user.

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