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Poly Bridge 2 Free Download (v1.20)

Poly Bridge 2 is the sequel to the popular simulation that will appeal to all fans of engineering puzzles. The game is made using low-poly graphics, full of exciting puzzles, various missions and funny situations. The participant will have to build bridges across various elements of the landscape, including rivers, gorges, mountains. The constructed bridge must withstand both the pedestrian and cargo vehicles loaded to the eyeballs.

Poly Bridge 2 Free Download (v1.20)

Download Zip:

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Has building bridges never been considered easy? Successful completion of a bridge usually takes several years, but that only happens in real life, and with simulation games, it is entirely possible to do that. Poly Bridge 2 is the proof that helps you build the bridge of your choice in a few hours. Do you believe that? If players want to learn or play the game right away to express their creativity to build a complete bridge freely.

As for the graphics, the game is designed in a style low-poly simple, gentle with subdued colors. The spaces are designed in harmony with the game theme to give players a feeling of closeness. Your work is completed with admiration with the series of people walking on that bridge.

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Poly Bridge is a simulation game offered by Dry Cactus Limited. If you are an intense creator and intense about building projects but virtually do not allow that, you need not worry about it because the poly bridge will make you do it. This game is extremely creative and highly addictive and it requires an adequately high level of thinking. In this game, players will specifically take part in building bridges in a very interesting and exciting way. So, get ready to involve yourself in this simple but extremely addictive and amazing gameplay for your Android devices and PCs.

In this game, You will take yourself on an interesting series and levels to examine yourself, which will let you freely find the bridge world in the Poly Bridge game. Turn up numerous ways to control your game-in challenges by voluntarily carrying off different commands in the bridge builder game. Unbolt various bridge designs and come up with your own design thinking, which will make the game even more interesting and fun. You will need to find more about this interesting mobile game from Dry Cactus Limited with our in-depth reviews.

Directly, you will discover it is rather identical to other building games with poly graphics. But rather than concentrating on buildings from all over the world, Poly Bridge is all about building, bridges, and well. Here, Android gamers are needed to come up with their other bridge design to make sure that automobiles and other transportation can get there without running into any problem.

Players will find themselves involved in the amazing gameplay of bridge-builder to the involuntary in-game technicians and convenient UI. Feel free to make use of the instinctive button and motion controls to successfully work with your bridges and their connected parts. The gameplay is very addictive which allows you to enjoy poly bridge games.

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