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We are WOVEN

From our conception, as an embryo we undergo a sophisticated process of division, interconnection, and enfolding. The emergence of all the unique parts, that make our miraculous bodies function with such grace, began as space between layers. Like an onion, our layers are vast and deep; differentiated but interconnected to the whole it feeds.

Our resilient adaptability comes from our relationship to change. We will forever be bombarded by sensory information from our environment and our experience of that environment. The perception of ourselves influences the choices made in response to the conditions present in our internal and external environment.

Gravity is the force acting upon, within, and throughout the environment of every unique form of matter on our planet. It is a binding force that continuously informs the connective tissues of the body how to do what the brain wants us to do, while simultaneously coordinating the dance with gravity through movement. Our body is electric. The energy of the body takes direction from our focus. Where the mind goes, the energy flows.

Restrictions in the flow of energy through the body often occur due to the internal process of protection. Despite our mind’s intentions sometimes, our body’s main goal is to maintain homeostasis to ensure survival. Dis-ease in the body often stems from the conscious or unconscious relationship we have to our drive to survive. We are either being carried by our vessel, or we are trying to sink our own ship; much of this is under our influence based on our honest focus. Alan Watts said “we are what we think about most of the time.” We become the thought behind the thinking.

May we think fondly of the graceful enfolding that allows for the gifts of our experience! May we continue to be grateful for our unique weave, individual yet interconnected, we are a product of our environment and our internal and external environment becomes a product of our relationship to it.

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