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May Your Becoming Last a Lifetime

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

When we actively develop our potential we recognize there is no end to learning and growing. Becoming last’s a life time, and each moment offers lessons in multitudes.

When we don’t see or even believe in our own potential, it waits latent within and unrealized. It can be easy when we aren’t living our potential to try to convince others they are small or to resort to finding fault instead of celebrating others’ achievements. We can develop an attitude of scarcity that defines the world in terms of limitation and a struggle for validation. From this standpoint it seems there isn’t enough talent, capability, beauty, opportunity or wealth to go around, so when we witness someone else with these things we feel deficient. We create hierarchies of success, which we use to define ourselves and the people in our lives.

From an attitude of abundance we recognize every moment has what we need to feel nourished and to grow. Others’ talents and gifts and wealth, instead of threatening our fragile egos, contribute to our own growth and success because we are cultivating ourselves. There is no hierarchy when everyone has something meaningful to contribute.

It is a matter of a simple shift in perspective. We shift from criticism to compliment. We shift from dissatisfaction to gratitude. We shift from boredom to wonder. We shift from deflection to vulnerability. We shift from avoidance to courage.

My intention for the New Year is to nurture the potential in myself, and my hope in doing so is that it will help others to nurture their own potential. May you all discover a little (or a lot) more of yourself to share with the world this year.


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